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    Infrared Photography with a Nikon D700

    English Version How does one come up with the idea of trying infrared photography with a Nikon D700?Who isn’t fascinated by the pictures with white or yellow trees, blue skies and filigree clouds? Who has ever heard of the “Wood effect”? Ex ante This is a description of my beginnings and the things I learned along the way.I will not rule out that one or the other will be open to the same genre. The human eye can detect electromagnetic waves between 400nm (violet) and 700nm (red) wavelength as visible light. Analogue photography, I believe, covers a similar area, except for special film emulsions.The legendary Kodak Aerochrome comes in mind.…

  • Infrarot Impressionen aus Südkalifornien
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    Südkalifornien, SoCal in Infrarot

    “Life on the isolated Point was, at times, an adventure. My mother remembers as a child complaining to my grandfather about having to walk to school, and him telling her, “How would you like to have to ROW A BOAT across the bay to school?” That’s how he and his two brothers got to school in Old Town San Diego from the Lighthouse.” Quelle: Eine Nachfahrin des letzten Leuchtturmwärters von Old Point Loma Südkalifornien sollte der erste, ernsthafte Einsatz der konvertierten Nikon D700 sein. Wir nennen diesen Beitrag Infrarot Impressionen, weil die entstandenen Bilder anders als gewohnt sind.Über den Umbau der Kamera und die Vorgehensweise der Bearbeitung der Dateien hatten…